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Harness AI to Boldly Develop and Deliver Revolutionary Therapies for Patients with Serious Diseases

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METiS focuses on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Molecular Dynamics (MD) to develop novel therapeutics in the small molecule, biologics, and advanced nucleic acid spaces.

METiS' lead programs use AI and high-throughput in vivo screening to discover unique LNPs with world class capabilities. This engine has resulted in LNPs that can target multiple organ systems with murine and NHP evidence of high delivery efficiency and clean safety profiles.


Our Mission

Build a world-class proprietary predictive AI platform to redefine drug discovery

Create a robust and targeted delivery system for small molecules, RNA and gene therapies

Provide clinical value to patients by exploring the uncharted territory of AI and the new biology

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METiS is interested in partnerships focused on our novel AI- and ML-developed nanoparticles. To inquire about partnering with METiS or to collaborate on an external program, please reach out to

We take pride in our investors

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Behind Our Groundbreaking Technologies and Drug Discovery Efforts is a Talented Team.

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